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Trailer – Playground 2 Redux | New Episodes | Ft CarryMinati, Triggered Insaan, Scout, Harsh, Ashish

Get ready for the highly anticipated drama in the Playground arcade as new episodes of Playground 2 Redux are set to release from 14th May! Join us as our contestants share their side of the story, revealing who was right and who was wrong.

The tag of “Pro Gamer” has caused significant damage to us, but we are here with a determination not to lose or back down.

Despite taking a loss, we managed to have fun.

As soon as the camera started rolling, the negativity surfaced.

Eupho and Rebel are engaged in pointless bickering, engaging in unnecessary actions under the guise of entertainment.

What you witnessed previously was only one side of the story.

Brace yourself for a fresh new perspective as we delve into the real story behind the scenes.

Unnati’s blah blah and the declaration of being my ally was merely for show.

In the upcoming episodes, the truth will be revealed.

I want you to understand that I love you so much, my friend from outside.

He is making desperate attempts to be noticed on the show.

But this time, it will be different.

I won’t be the one receiving slaps in front of 15 people.

Slap him if you want, but I won’t because I am not like that.

Ruchir should have embarrassed Jay loudly so that he couldn’t shout back.

This time, the story will change.

Sangwan Ji tries to create a mess even in places that are already booked.

Her fiance is watching this, and I believe it has gone a bit too far.

Spread obscenity, maintain unity, and the truth will change.

They are involving that girl in my matters who doesn’t even know the names of five games.

Many secrets will be revealed.

Whatever I desired is coming true, and it has been happening since day one.

When countless perspectives come together, Varun doesn’t even know the first thing about gaming.

Countless points of view.

Joe is a ******, and I didn’t want to make a ****** the captain.

You thought you saw it all, but what you saw was just one side of the show.

Today, I will reveal the ugly, naked truth to you.

However, the entire story hasn’t been told yet.

This is Vanshaj Singh, Jay Khatri, Adarsh Singh, Mahira Khan, and Adit Minocha, bringing you the untold part of the story.

Let’s proceed with the narrative.


Watch the entire story of Playground unfold in Playground Redux, starting from Sunday, 14th May, exclusively on Playground’s YouTube channel.

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