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Highland Park, California residents are receiving mysterious Uber Eats deliveries they did not order and cannot explain.

The deliveries, which include bags of food and drinks, are being delivered to the residents’ addresses but not under their names.

The deliveries began in late February and have continued for several weeks.

Some residents are confused and irritated by the deliveries, while others find them creepy.

One man received 13 deliveries in one day, none of which he ordered.

The majority of the deliveries include food and drinks, and some residents have tried to donate the items.

The names on the packages do not match those of any residents in the area, leading to questions about who is behind the deliveries and why.

Delivery services like Uber Eats have become increasingly popular during the coronavirus pandemic, but this mysterious delivery spree has left residents wondering if it’s a prank, a kind gesture, a scam, or something more sinister.

Attempts to contact customer service representatives have been unsuccessful.

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