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A heroic lifeguard was honored as “Employee of the Month” on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show for saving a dog from drowning.

Marine safety officer Chase McCall, who works for the fire department in Long Beach, was washing some trucks when he heard about a dog in the water.

The dog, named Tofu, had been swept several hundred yards offshore into the Pacific.

McCall quickly grabbed a paddleboard and wetsuit and set out to rescue the dog, guided by another marine safety officer, Devin Beebe.

With Beebe’s help, McCall was able to locate Tofu and bring her back to safety.

The owners of the dog were very grateful, and McCall was hailed as a hero.

This was not the first time that McCall has rescued a dog from the Pacific, and he admitted that it does happen from time to time.

Carlson praised McCall for his bravery and love of dogs and encouraged viewers to subscribe to Fox News to catch more inspiring stories.

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