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Residents of Helotes, a city in Texas, are up in arms over a new ordinance that prohibits non-residents from driving on certain public streets.

The move is intended to prevent drivers from using a shortcut through a particular neighborhood, but some residents say it is an infringement on their right to access public roads.

The ordinance imposes fines of up to $500 on drivers who violate the ban.

However, county and city officials are now looking for alternative solutions, as residents in surrounding neighborhoods say the new law is causing more inconvenience than it is solving.

They argue that the affected road, Beverly Hills Drive, is frequently used to avoid heavy traffic on the more congested Gom Road.

The mayor of Helotes has expressed confidence that the ordinance will hold up to any legal challenges, but is open to finding a long-term solution that includes building new roads and traffic signals.

The Bear County District Attorney’s Office is reviewing the ordinance to determine if it can be legally enforced.

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