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Parts of South Florida are experiencing heavy rainfall and thunderstorms this morning.

The rain is particularly heavy in areas ranging from Martin County down to Broward County, with a thunderstorm hovering over Boca Raton at the moment.

Drivers in these areas are being advised to take extra precautions due to the low visibility caused by the intense rainfall, which is currently measuring at over two and a half inches per hour.

The Viper cast shows that the wet weather is set to continue throughout the morning, with some relief possible around 9-10 a.m.

However, more rain and thunderstorms are expected to develop later in the morning and into the early afternoon, which could be strong in places.

Boaters are being warned to stay off the water due to the dangerous conditions, with lightning strikes being reported in some areas.

The weather is expected to improve from tomorrow, with sunshine and dry conditions predicted for the midweek.

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