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Massive Train Derailment with Hazardous Materials in Mohave County Spurs Investigation Heavy Rain and SRP Water Release Cause Road Closures in Maricopa County

Heavy rain and recent water releases from SRP have led to the closure of several roads in Maricopa County, Arizona.

The storm has caused high water levels at crossings, which are expected to remain closed for several days.

Barricades and warning signs have been placed along low water crossings to prevent people from putting their lives in danger by attempting to cross them.

The county stresses the importance of not crossing the barricades, as rushing water can sweep people or vehicles away in just a few inches of water.

The county has already closed five roads, and with SRP expected to continue water releases, the low water crossings are likely to remain closed for some time.

Those who attempt to cross the barricades could face hefty fines for their rescue.

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