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Heavy Deputy Presence in West Palm Beach; Congress Avenue Shutdown

In a breaking news update, there has been a heavy deputy presence in West Palm Beach, specifically on Congress Avenue near Okeechobee Boulevard.

The situation has caused the shutdown of Congress Avenue in both directions.

The incident is currently under investigation, and authorities are working to determine what exactly transpired.

Reporters at the scene have observed a significant number of deputies in the area, with the entire street blocked off at Okeechobee Boulevard.

Red caution tape has been spotted further down the road, indicating that something significant occurred.

It is unclear whether a gas station and a restaurant in the vicinity are directly involved in the incident.

Motorists are advised to avoid the area near Okeechobee and Congress due to the road closure.

Despite the closure, there have been reports of multiple cars attempting to navigate the blocked-off road, prompting deputies to redirect them and instruct them to make a U-turn.

Further details regarding the incident have yet to be released.

The reporters have reached out to the sheriff’s office for additional information, and updates will be provided as soon as they become available.

Viewers are encouraged to stay tuned to both on-air and online platforms for the latest updates on this ongoing situation.

As the investigation continues, residents and commuters are urged to remain patient and cooperate with authorities as they work to resolve the situation.

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