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A Heartwarming Gesture: Donated Cup Noodles for Firefighters
In front of Suwon City Hall in Gyeonggi Province, a pile of cup noodles was found.

It turns out that a citizen had secretly stacked them there for the firefighters who were managing the forest fires.

On the early morning of the 12th, an anonymous donor left 36 boxes of cup noodles and a letter in front of the main building of the city hall in Paldal-gu, Ingye-dong.

The donor introduced themselves as a resident of Gwanggyo, Suwon, and stated that they had heard the sad news of a fire in a residential complex some time ago.

They went on to express their gratitude towards the Suwon city officials who monitor forest fires every spring and fall, and also their support for the hard-working public servants who are protecting the safety of citizens.

Although the gesture is small, it demonstrates the warmth and appreciation that citizens have towards those who work to keep their communities safe.

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