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Brentwood Man Missing for 2 Years, Mother Still Searching

Dane Elkins, a resident of Brentwood, has been missing for two years, leaving his mother Deborah devastated and determined to find him.

Despite the passage of time, Deborah remains hopeful for her son’s safe return to their family.

Deborah has been actively seeking help from the public in locating Dane.

She recently appeared in an interview with Eisner, urging anyone with information to come forward and assist in the search for her son.

The interview took place in a park in Susan and Santa Monica, a location that holds many cherished memories for the family.

However, holidays and special occasions have lost their joy since Dane’s disappearance.

Reflecting on the past two years, Deborah expresses her deep concerns, saying, “People would say your problems get bigger when they get older, and I can’t have imagined this would be my life right now.” She reveals that Dane went missing at the beginning of the pandemic and had expressed feelings of being targeted by government operatives.

Deborah discloses that Dane had sent a Snapchat message claiming they were both being pursued and that he needed to reveal the truth.

These distressing circumstances have left her with unanswered questions about Dane’s well-being and whereabouts.

Dane was believed to be living in his car, unbeknownst to his family.

However, their hopes were shattered when his car was discovered near Castaic in December 2021, with no trace of Dane.

Although the police have been involved in the case, their options are limited, prompting Deborah to turn to social media for support.

She has amassed a network of individuals who are actively keeping an eye out for any signs of Dane.

During the interview in Douglas Park, Deborah shares that there have been several sightings of men resembling Dane.

However, only four of these sightings have provided some tangible leads due to the conversations and characteristics observed.

Despite these potential leads, Deborah cannot confirm with certainty if any of them were indeed her son.

She yearns for concrete evidence of Dane’s existence, as he was an accomplished athlete in high school, excelling in racquetball and possessing a taekwondo black belt.

Deborah’s love for her son is unwavering, and she continues to hold onto hope.

“There is no evidence, no nothing that I could say here,” she laments.

With a heavy heart, she shows a picture of Dane, presumed to be living on the streets, emphasizing that her pursuit is fueled by hope alone.

In her plea to Dane, Deborah says, “We love you.

We miss you.

Please let us know you’re safe.” To aid in the search, she has established a dedicated Facebook page and a hotline where people can provide information regarding Dane’s whereabouts.

As Deborah remains determined in her quest to find her son, the community rallies behind her, hoping for Dane’s safe return and the reunion of a grieving mother with her beloved child.

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