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Father of 2 Killed While Picking up Pizza for Family

The widow of an Antioch man who was tragically killed while buying a pizza for his family is seeking answers as the police launch an investigation into the shooting.

The incident has left the community shocked and heartbroken.

The victim, a loving father and husband, was shot and killed during his birthday weekend.

He had gone to pick up dinner after his son’s baseball game, intending to celebrate with his family.

However, he never returned home.

Concerned, his wife tracked his location to a local 7-Eleven, only to discover the area blocked off by police.

Upon arriving at the scene with her children, the widow and her kids were confronted with a devastating sight.

They saw the husband’s car with its doors open and a yellow bag covering something inside.

The tragic event had unfolded without any attempt to conceal it.

According to Antioch Police, it is believed that the altercation took place inside the victim’s Toyota Avalon, possibly near a nearby restaurant or gas station.

After the confrontation, the victim drove across Hillcrest and crashed at the 7-Eleven gas station.

Two individuals were seen fleeing from his vehicle.

The police chief, Stephen Ford, expressed his condolences and acknowledged that even a single act of violent crime is one too many.

While no arrests have been made yet, law enforcement is diligently investigating the case, hoping to uncover the motive behind this senseless act.

The family is struggling to come to terms with their immense loss.

The widow, still in shock, described it as an unreal experience, as if she might wake up from a terrible dream.

The victim was a devoted husband and provider, and his absence is deeply felt by his children.

The nine-year-old son, who had just seen his father at his baseball game, is particularly affected, experiencing difficulties eating, sleeping, and engaging with others.

In a plea to those responsible, the widow expressed her pain and emphasized the impact their actions have had on the family, especially the children.

She appealed for empathy and urged anyone with information to come forward.

The police are urging the public to provide any tips, no matter how small, that could aid in solving the case and bringing justice to the grieving family.

This tragic loss has shaken the community, as the father was described as the epitome of a caring husband and father.

He and his wife had been together since their high school days, sharing a beautiful journey from being high school sweethearts to building a family.

As the investigation continues, the community hopes that valuable information will emerge, enabling the police to make progress in the case.

The loss of a beloved father and the pain inflicted upon the family serve as a somber reminder of the consequences of senseless violence.

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