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In a heartbreaking incident, an 8-year-old boy’s French bulldog was stolen from the Union Landing Apartment Complex in Union City earlier this month.

The distraught mother is desperate to find out who took her son’s beloved pet.

The incident is believed to have been orchestrated by a group of teenagers.

The young boy, named Noah, had only recently received the puppy and was playing with it in the courtyard of the apartment complex when the theft occurred.

According to surveillance footage, one of the teenagers threw a yellow ball to Noah, while others were waiting nearby.

The ball was intentionally thrown into the breezeway, where another teenager was positioned to snatch the dog.

The thieves swiftly grabbed the puppy and fled the scene.

Noah’s mother, Acumen McNair, suspects that her son was targeted due to the breed and value of the French bulldog.

The theft seemed planned as one of the teenagers had repeatedly asked Noah to bring the dog outside prior to the incident.

McNair shared a social media post displaying pictures of the dog for sale and believes she knows the individuals responsible.

However, both the teens and their parents have refused to cooperate with the investigation.

Describing the distinctive features of the stolen dog, McNair mentioned that the French bulldog, known as Frenchy, has unique markings including a marble pattern, predominantly black fur, and a single white sleeve and spot on her nose.

Fearing that time is running out, McNair worries that the dog may be sold before she can retrieve it.

McNair has taken proactive measures by filing a police report and providing the surveillance video to the authorities.

In her determination to bring Frenchy home, she is offering a $1000 reward for the safe return of the dog.

The details of the reward can be found on the website of Fox 5 Atlanta.

The Union City community and animal lovers everywhere are rallying behind Noah and his family, hoping for a swift resolution to this distressing situation.

The local police are actively investigating the theft and working to reunite Noah with his beloved companion.

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