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In a puzzling disappearance that has left a family devastated for over four decades, Leslie Guthrie and her two children vanished from Westchester in 1977, and their whereabouts remain unknown to this day.

The heartbreaking story of the missing family has resurfaced, shedding new light on a case that has gone beyond a cold case.

Leslie Guthrie, a young mother at the time, left her house in Westchester County with her two young children, Julie and Timmy, in the back seat of her car.

However, they were never seen again.

The case has haunted Leslie’s ex-husband, Tim Guthrie, who recalls the last time he saw his family.

“I helped her put the kids in the car and they drove off.

That was the last I saw them,” he lamented.

For 46 years, the Guthrie family has been plagued by unanswered questions and aching uncertainty.

“There have always been missing pieces to our family,” Tim shared, reflecting on the enduring pain.

The fateful day was February 5th, 1977, when Leslie embarked on her ill-fated journey with her children.

Since then, there have been no sightings of them, and neither their bodies nor the car have ever been recovered.

Speculations about the disappearance have fueled various theories.

Some suggest that the adverse weather conditions, with high winds and six inches of snow, could have led to an accident.

Others ponder whether Leslie, who was going through a separation and considering divorce from Tim, may have chosen to start anew with another person.

Tim revealed information he received from a cousin, who claimed that Leslie attended her sister’s wedding and a New Year’s Eve party with different men.

This revelation raises questions about the possibility of her departure being facilitated by someone else.

Intriguingly, another theory that has circulated is that Leslie and the children might have become entangled in a cult.

While initially sounding far-fetched, the reasoning behind this theory remains undisclosed.

The desire for answers and closure has motivated ongoing investigations into the Guthrie family’s mysterious disappearance.

Tim Guthrie, still haunted by the loss, continues to hold onto hope while grappling with the heartbreaking reality.

“I always think she had help, don’t know who, but she took off, maybe left the country, and told the kids daddy died and we’ll take this name now,” he revealed, sharing his personal thoughts.

“There’s not a day in 45 years that I don’t go to sleep that I don’t think of them.

I always think of the three of them and where they are.

It breaks my heart.”

The Guthrie family’s story has garnered renewed attention with the airing of “Missing: The Guthrie Family.” Those interested in delving deeper into the case can watch the full episode on the ABC7NY app or visit the website,

As time passes, the quest for answers surrounding the disappearance of Leslie Guthrie and her two children remains unresolved, leaving a void in the hearts of their loved ones.

Until the truth is uncovered, their story stands as a reminder of the enduring pain experienced by families affected by such inexplicable vanishings.

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