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More Access to Preschool Provided by Hawaii’s “Ready Keiki” Program

Hawaii took significant strides towards increasing access to preschool education through the state’s “Ready Keiki” program, led by Lieutenant Governor Sylvia Luke.

On Tuesday, May 17, it was announced that contracts have been signed for the construction of 11 new classrooms, which will be ready for use in the upcoming fall semester.

The “Ready Keiki” program aims to provide parents with a comprehensive website that allows them to locate public, charter, and private preschools across the Hawaiian Islands.

To date, lawmakers have allocated a substantial amount of funds—$200 million—towards the construction of hundreds more preschool classrooms throughout the state.

Lieutenant Governor Sylvia Luke expressed her satisfaction with the project, stating that the renovated classrooms have come in under budget.

Instead of costing a million dollars per classroom renovation, the actual cost has been reduced to approximately $500,000—half the initial estimate.

Keith Hayashi, the Department of Education (DOE) Superintendent, emphasized the positive impact of the program on young learners.

He noted that it provides them with the necessary tools and experiences to embark on a successful educational journey, both academically and emotionally.

The 11 new classroom locations are spread across different elementary schools throughout the islands.

They include Maui Kilauea on Kauai, Waimea on the Big Island, and Fern, Honowai, Lincoln, Pope, Sunset Beach, Wahiawa, and Kaewai on Oahu.

For parents interested in accessing the “Ready Keiki” program, a link to the new website and application form can be found on KHON2’s website.

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