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The trap and ski ranges at Koko Head Shooting Complex have reopened after concerns about lead contamination. However, there is still work to be done.

The entire complex was closed in September 2022 due to elevated levels of lead among employees. The pistol and rifle ranges reopened in April after safety protocols were improved, but the trap and skate ranges, as well as the silhouette and action ranges, remain closed.

The owners are happy to finally have the ranges open again. Gun rights advocates are pleased with the reopening of the trap and ski ranges, but the action range, which was used for concealed carry classes, is still closed.

The Hawaii Rifle Association says that even if there is a handgun range, teaching classes there is not possible due to the minimum distance requirement. There are no other public ranges for concealed carry weapons training. The Department of Parks and Recreation is working on reopening the Koko Head action range, but there is no set timeline yet.

The Honolulu Police have not responded to inquiries about the matter. The rifle association’s instructors want to promote public safety by ensuring that individuals who want to carry firearms have the opportunity to receive proper training.

Due to staffing shortages, the pistol and rifle ranges are only operating on weekends, with the trap range open only on Sundays and the ski range open on Saturdays and Sundays. Walk-ins are allowed, but using the online registration system is encouraged..

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