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Hawaii officials have joined forces in a strong statement against the Navy regarding the ongoing Red Hill crisis.

State and city leaders are demanding the Navy to take immediate action to preserve the region’s drinking water, which has been affected by toxic fuel and foam spills at Red Hill.

This unified statement aims to emphasize the need for transparency and comprehensive planning in remediation efforts.

Governor Josh Green expressed the desire for total transparency and straightforward presentation of data, enabling a better understanding of the situation by society as a whole.

He emphasized the importance of having clear dates and a comprehensive plan for the remediation of the water and the aquifer.

This united front from various government entities indicates their commitment to holding the Navy accountable for its actions.

Mayor Rick Blangiardi stressed the importance of constructive collaboration, acknowledging the monumental task ahead in defueling the tanks at Red Hill.

However, he also emphasized the greater significance of ensuring the long-term safety of the aquifers for future generations.

Ernie Lau from the Board of Water Supply (BWS) expressed concern over the military’s lack of stewardship and care for the land (aina) and the precious water (wai).

He appreciated the leadership standing behind him and the collective effort to hold the Navy accountable for their actions.

The officials involved in this show of solidarity believe that their united front will send a strong message to the Navy, ensuring that they are held responsible for the Red Hill crisis.

By standing together and demanding action, they aim to protect the drinking water and safeguard the region’s aquifers for the future.

This display of unity also signifies that everyone involved is on the same page regarding the severity of the situation.

The officials hope that this joint effort will compel the Navy to take immediate and effective measures to address the Red Hill crisis.

Reporting from the State Capitol, Manolo Morales emphasized that this show of force demonstrates the collective determination to hold the Navy accountable and resolve the Red Hill crisis.

The officials’ joint statement reflects their commitment to protecting the region’s water resources and ensuring the well-being of the community.

In other news, the Governor’s vision includes the construction of small structures resembling homes in town as part of a larger plan.

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