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Violent Night in Boston Leaves 2 Dead and 2 Injured in Separate Shootings

Boston, MA – Last night proved to be a harrowing and violent night in the city as two individuals lost their lives and two others sustained injuries in separate shooting incidents.

The authorities have yet to make any arrests or release the identities of those involved.

One of the tragic scenes unfolded around 8:30 p.m.

on Wildwood Street in Mattapan, where two men were shot.

Tragically, one of the men succumbed to his injuries, while the other is currently in critical condition.

Police Commissioner Michael Cox addressed the alarming events, remarking, “Tonight, we’ve had a pretty violent night in the city, and so we’ve had at least four people victimized by gunshots tonight.”

Additionally, reports indicate that a third gunshot victim managed to transport themselves to the hospital but unfortunately passed away later.

The exact location of this incident remains unclear, but authorities assert that it is unrelated to the shooting on Wildwood Street.

In yet another instance of gun violence, a fourth shooting victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries in a shooting on Kingston Street in downtown Boston.

At this time, no names have been disclosed, and the authorities continue their investigations to ascertain the circumstances surrounding these distressing events.

The city of Boston now grapples with the aftermath of this violent night, as residents and officials express their concern over the increasing gun-related incidents.

As the investigations progress, the community hopes for swift justice and effective measures to address the underlying issues contributing to the surge in violence.

We will provide further updates as the story unfolds.

Stay tuned for the latest information.

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