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Happy birthday to Rir Kapoor and Alia’s daughter, Raha Kapoor! As she turns one, her grandmother Nitu Kapoor and aunt Rima Kapoor Sahani shared heartfelt posts on social media. Nitu reposted Rima’s note, expressing how much they love and cherish Raha.

They cannot believe that their little Raha is already one year old. They send a beautiful birthday wish to Raha, proclaiming their love for her.

Alia’s mother, Soni Razdan, also took to Instagram to share a cute birthday wish for her niece, Raha Kapoor. In her post, she showcased a lovely cake and expressed disbelief that it has already been a year since Raha entered their lives.

Some time ago, adorable glimpses of Raha, the daughter of Alia and Rir Kapoor, went viral on social media. On October 30th, Alia and Raha were seen outside their home, captured in pictures and videos. Raha looked cute in her mother’s arms as they boarded their car.

We wish Raha the happiest of birthdays!.

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