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Fox News host Sean Hannity warns that China is rapidly gaining influence around the world, as an increasing number of world leaders rush to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

In his opening monologue on Friday, Hannity claims that countries such as France, Brazil, and Germany are now “betting on China” to become the dominant world leader.

Hannity suggests that this is a deliberate and calculated decision to side with China, which he sees as a dangerous move for the United States.
Hannity argues that the world has traditionally looked to the US for leadership, but that this is changing under President Joe Biden.

He claims that the coalition of countries that was built under President Donald Trump, which included the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Jordan, Bahrain, and Egypt, is now “crumbling day by day.” Hannity suggests that the US’s allies are now abandoning Biden and “betting against America.”
Hannity cites several examples of countries deepening their ties with China, such as the UAE and Russia reportedly strengthening their relationship, and Egypt allegedly planning to secretly send thousands of rockets to Russia.

He also mentions that China recently brokered a deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and that there are rumors of a deal between Saudi Arabia and Syria.
Hannity warns that even the US’s oldest allies, such as France, are now “throwing the US under the bus” in favor of China.

He criticizes French President Macron for visiting China and urging Europe to move away from their dependency on the US dollar.

Hannity suggests that the US should consider reinstating tariffs on French wine and champagne or stop funding the war in Europe until they pay their fair share.
In conclusion, Hannity argues that China’s growing influence is a threat to the US and that the world is now choosing sides in the race to become the dominant world superpower.

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