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Police in Houston believe they have made progress in solving the murders of Dana Ryssdal and James Martin III in the Heights area back in January.

According to court documents, a woman named Kathy Vu has been charged with tampering for her alleged role in cleaning up the crime scene.

Police found bleach and iodine bottles in the back of Vu’s car, as well as an HEB receipt showing she bought towels, trash bags, and other items that police say were used to clean up the crime.

The victims were allegedly involved in the marijuana business in Oregon, and police say there was a lot of marijuana in the house where they were killed.

Vu is said to be the girlfriend of one of the suspects in the killings, a man who police say owed James Martin money over a drug transaction.

Martin’s body was found in the trunk of his car, while Ryssdal’s body was found inside Martin’s ransacked home on TC Jester.

Police say they recovered a large amount of marijuana and $35,000 stashed in a freezer, and there is a third suspect wanted in connection to the killings.

Vu is in custody and due to make her first court appearance within the hour.

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