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Two women were shot and killed outside an apartment complex in Apopka, Orlando.

The incident occurred on Friday at around 11:30 in the morning.

Orange County deputies were called to the scene and the area around Vineland Road near Balboa was blocked off for several hours.

Officials say that one victim was in her 20s while the other was in her 30s.

A suspect is now in custody, but it is not clear what caused the shooting or the relationship between the victims and the suspect.

People living in the Lakeshore Apartments had to wait outside for hours while deputies investigated the scene.

One resident said, “It’s heartbreaking for anybody to be killed.

It’s a lot of young people that’s losing their lives over senseless stuff.” Orange County Commissioner Mike Scott stopped by to check on people in his district and offer support.

The community is now calling for solutions to gun violence.

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