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News: A grieving Memphis family has been victimized by thieves who stole a car that belonged to a woman who tragically died in a house fire. I’m Greg Hurst, and I’m Stephanie Scurlock.

We have Bria Jones on the scene with an exclusive interview with the grieving son and brother. Stay tuned for the details on 3 News tonight. Brea: Greg, this family has endured a great deal of suffering. They are currently dealing with the loss of two loved ones who were tragically killed in a house fire, and now they have become victims of a crime. This incident is currently under investigation. Greg: It’s unfortunate that criminals take advantage of people during their weakest moments.

Gerald Rutherford is mourning the loss of his mother, 85-year-old Ernestine Sturgill, and his sister, 66-year-old Cynthia Webb, who died in an accidental electrical fire at their mother’s home in Whitehaven last Monday. However, their tragedy didn’t end there. Brea: That’s right, Greg. First responders were called to the home again after Gerald’s mother’s 2014 Chrysler 300 was stolen.

Gerald expressed his devastation, stating that he’s already dealing with the loss of his mother and sister, and now someone has taken advantage of the situation. Greg: Gerald was alerted to the theft by a neighbor, who informed him that the car was missing. Upon arriving at the house, he noticed that the bottom half of the gate was damaged, indicating that the thieves had driven the car out.

Surprisingly, they were able to start the car without the key fob. Brea: Fortunately, someone witnessed the entire incident and informed Gerald that there were three suspects in a white Challenger with a red stripe. It was later discovered that the car had been sold to a couple on Facebook Marketplace, who contacted the police when they realized it had been stolen. Greg: Gerald expressed relief when he learned that the car had been recovered.

However, he emphasized that the loss his family has endured goes beyond material possessions. They need to stay strong during this difficult time. Brea: Absolutely, Greg. The Rutherford family is determined to come together and support each other through this challenging period. We urge anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers at 5, 2, and help bring the culprits to justice. Greg: Stay tuned for more updates on this ongoing investigation..

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