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The Wan family is experiencing deep sorrow following the sudden death of a loved one overseas. Fox 32’s Gabriella Primis sheds light on the family’s struggle to repatriate their loved one’s body in this exclusive story.

The family fondly remembers their beloved daughter, sister, friend, and mother to two little girls. What was meant to be a farewell for a dream vacation has now become a battle to give her a proper goodbye.

Kendra Harris, the grieving mother, admits to feeling numb until her child is brought back home. Justice, her 26-year-old daughter, was supposed to embark on a girls’ trip with friends and family, but tragically, she never made it to the tropical island of Bali. According to her family, Justice presumably experienced a seizure and lost vital signs during the journey. Her body is currently being held in Taiwan, Taipei, and the family is desperately trying to raise funds to bring her back to the United States.

They estimate that it will cost approximately $37,000 to repatriate Justice’s body. The family has reached out to the US Embassy in Taiwan for assistance, as they need to prepare her body for transport.

There are additional costs associated with bringing her home from the airport. So far, the family has managed to raise $112,000 through their own efforts and a GoFundMe page called “Help Bring Justice Home.” However, they are still in need of more financial support.

Kendra expresses her overwhelming desire to see her daughter and give her a proper burial. The family emphasizes that if it weren’t for the complicated regulations in a different country, the process wouldn’t be so difficult. They describe Justice as a ray of sunshine, a kind-hearted and intelligent individual. The pain of their loss is already immense, and the added stress of having her body overseas is unbearable.

The family humbly appeals to the public for donations, hoping to bring their little girl back home..

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