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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

Today, we are excited to announce the grand opening of a new Black Rifle Coffee location in Heber City, Utah. Our photojournalist, Thor Feedler, was on the scene to provide an exclusive look at this exciting event. The outpost brings the entire brand to life, and we spoke with Tammy Ther, a part owner and general manager, about her passion for the brand. She shared that Black Rifle Coffee stands for everything she loves about America – our military, law enforcement, and the support they deserve.

As a retired police officer with family members who served in the Navy, Tammy wanted to show support to the first responders and military in her community. Black Rifle Coffee was founded by Evan Hafer, a Green Beret, in 2014. Hafer partnered with Matt Best and Jared Taylor to address the unmet needs of military veterans, blue-collar workers, police, fire, and others in the marketplace. The success of their mission is evident in their fourth outpost opening in Heber City, with the original outpost located at their headquarters off the I15. The community’s love for outdoors, hunting, and fishing strongly resonates with the Black Rifle Coffee brand. Tammy expressed her overwhelming joy at the grand opening turnout and the support they have received.

She emphasized that Black Rifle Coffee’s mission is not just about serving great coffee, but also giving back to veterans. In the past year, they have donated approximately $1.5 million in cash to veteran causes and provided about $2.5 million worth of coffee and products to those serving downrange. As they continue to grow, Black Rifle Coffee remains focused on maintaining the highest quality and serving those who have served our country. For Tammy, making a difference in the lives of veterans or in her community is monumental.

She is proud to have previously served as a law enforcement officer and is excited to continue making a positive impact in her new role. Overall, the grand opening.

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