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In tonight’s news at 6:00, a recent poll reveals that Governor Gavin Newsome’s approval rating is currently at its lowest point since he took office. Aton Wallace, our correspondent at the state capital, brings us reactions from the governor’s campaign and provides a detailed analysis of the numbers.

Thank you, congratulations. Serving as California’s 40th Governor since 2019, Governor Gavin Newsome’s standing among Californians, as indicated by a new UC Berkeley LA Times poll, has reached its lowest level since he assumed office. The survey shows that 49% of Californians disapprove of his job performance, while 44% approve.

These results reflect an 11-point decrease since February. The drop in approval rating does not come as a surprise to Republican strategist Rob Stutzman, who believes that Californians are becoming increasingly frustrated with unresolved issues in the state, particularly homelessness and related crimes. Stutzman points out that despite billions of dollars being spent, the homelessness problem has worsened.

He also highlights issues such as retail theft and the presence of fentanyl in California. Stutzman argues that dissatisfaction is inevitable when both the President and the Governor are Democrats. Meanwhile, Governor Newsome’s campaign spokesperson, Nathan Click, dismisses the poll as an outlier, a sentiment shared by other Democrats. Robert Shrum, a longtime Democratic political strategist and the Director of the USC Dornsife Center for the Political Future, affirms this by mentioning another recent poll that showed the governor with a 56% approval rating.

Shrum notes that even if Newsome’s approval rating is decreasing, history has shown that it rarely hinders future political ambitions. He cites examples of Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter, both of whom went on to win presidential nominations despite having unpopular approval ratings as governors. While the poll reveals a decrease in Newsome’s approval rating, it also indicates that around 60% of Californians support his proposed bond measure on the upcoming March ballot. This measure aims to secure funding for over 11,000 Behavioral Health beds and Supportive Housing units across the state.

With all the information presented, it is important to approach these polls with caution. A grain of salt.

This is Aton Wallace reporting for 17 News..

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