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Texas Governor Greg Abbott has taken decisive action in response to the impending termination of Title 42 by deploying a tactical border force to combat the anticipated influx of migrants.

Lieutenant Chris Olivarez from the Texas Department of Public Safety appeared on ‘Varney & Co.’ to discuss this development.

The specialized tactical unit, composed of National Guard soldiers, will be utilized to secure the border and repel any large-scale migration between ports of entry.

While some concerns have been raised about potential clashes between the task force and migrants, Lieutenant Olivarez emphasized that these soldiers are trained in crowd management and have specialized skills for handling such situations.

It should be noted that the federal government’s approach to mass migration has been viewed as more permissive, with a lack of effective plans to address the issue.

Governor Abbott has referred to the situation as an “invasion,” a term that Lieutenant Olivarez agreed with, citing the presence of individuals attempting to enter illegally, including terrorists, gang members, and drug smugglers.

The focus is not solely on asylum-seekers but also on addressing security threats and the ongoing fentanyl crisis.

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