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GOP Lawmaker Raises Concerns about Border Consequences: “Americans Are Dying”

Republican Congressman Wesley Hunt from Texas has voiced his concerns about the border crisis, highlighting the danger it poses to Americans.

Hunt made his comments in response to remarks made by GOP Representative Dan Crenshaw regarding Mexican President Lopez Obrabor and the role of cartels in the crisis.

Hunt stressed the need for lawmakers to take action against the cartels, and suggested that military force may be necessary.

He pointed out that the cartels are responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Mexican citizens every year, and are also responsible for the deaths of over 150,000 Americans in the past two years.

Hunt criticized the current administration for refusing to address the crisis and failing to secure the border.

He called for the implementation of policies that were successful under the Trump administration, including building the wall and increasing border security.

Hunt also suggested the possibility of using military force against the cartels, including drone strikes on fentanyl plants in Mexico.

He argued that the federal government has a responsibility to keep Americans safe and that action is needed to address the crisis.

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