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Google I/O event kicked off today, attracting the attention of investors eager for updates on Bard A.I.


CNBC’s Deidre Bosa provided insights on the event during her appearance on ‘Power Lunch.’ The event, taking place at Shoreline Amp across from Google’s campus, has already witnessed several significant announcements.

Google CEO Sundar Pachai revealed that artificial intelligence has been a crucial seven-year journey for the company.

Shareholders have reacted with caution, resulting in Google’s stock remaining relatively flat over the past hour.

This response can be seen as a victory compared to a previous AI demonstration that caused a $100 billion market cap drop by the end of the day due to botched presentations.

The demonstrations this time have been more careful, with a mix of live and pre-scripted demos.

One notable demonstration showcased the intersection of generative AI and search, which is particularly important since search contributes significantly to Google’s revenue and profitability.

Google announced the launch of Search Labs, opening up a waitlist for interested individuals.

The key takeaway is the shift from blue links pointing to sites that pay for advertising to a format featuring images, summaries, and side-by-side purchasing options, including influencers like TikTok and Robert Kardashian.

The impact on advertisers is yet to be fully understood, but Google is likely to argue that this approach provides brands with additional tools and outlets.

The set of tools unveiled at the event is impressive, as this annual developer conference now caters not only to developers but also to consumers.

During the discussion, Deidre Bosa was asked about the future of Google search.

She mentioned that users can expect a different search experience in the future.

For example, searching for airfares to West Palm Beach might yield TikTok videos or YouTube Shorts as part of the results.

This evolution of search aims to offer a broader range of content, including side-by-side options, links, images, and suggestions.

Users will be able to ask for recommendations when visiting a specific location and receive information on places to see, things to buy, and more, extending beyond traditional text-based results.

Google’s event continues to unfold, and observers eagerly await further announcements and developments that will shape the future of the company’s products and services.

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