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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

Earlier this morning, a home invasion robbery occurred in the Glorietta neighborhood, resulting in a nearby elementary school being placed on lockdown. Our reporter, Henry Lee, is live at the scene to provide more information.

Henry, what have you learned so far? Henry: Thanks, Gass. We are currently on Moraga Way, located in a densely wooded residential area of Orenda, south of Highway 24.

Police reopened Moraga Way about half an hour ago, but it is still unclear whether the third suspect has been apprehended. Let’s take a look at some earlier footage. Earlier today, law enforcement from Contra Costa County converged on Arena after an interrupted home burglary. At around 8:50 am, an Orenda police officer ran a license plate of a car on Lloyd Lane, just off Moraga Way. Shortly after, the officer reported intercepting several suspects involved in a fresh residential burglary.

Two suspects were swiftly taken into custody, with one of them being tased. Our cameras captured the moment police transferred one suspect from a stretcher into a police vehicle. Officers from various departments, including the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office, along with deputies, crime scene technicians, and other nearby law enforcement agencies such as Lafayette, Danville, Bart, and Moraga police, all responded to the scene.

Canines and a drone were utilized in the search. Over the past couple of hours, a loudspeaker announcement continuously warned any remaining suspects that the area was surrounded, urging them to surrender without any items in their hands to avoid being bitten by the police dogs. During our coverage, we had a brief conversation with a resident of Lloyd Lane, who expressed confidence in the police’s ability to handle the situation.

However, it is essential for residents to promptly report anything suspicious to the police. As a precautionary measure, Glorietta Elementary School, a few blocks east of here, was placed on lockdown. To summarize, two suspects are currently in custody, and it appears that the search involving the drone has ceased.

The status of the third suspect remains unclear. Reporting live from Arenda, I’m Henry Lee for KTVU Fox2 News. Thank you. Moving on to Oakland Police,.

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