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We, the Learning Storm team, experienced a few spotty showers yesterday morning and have a similar chance of showers this morning. However, most of them did not hold together well once they moved into West Michigan, but there were a couple of showers.

We are currently monitoring the situation over Lake Michigan, which should disappear quickly by sunrise. There is a thick layer of clouds across the Midwest, making for a gloomy start to our day.

The high pressure system that kept us dry yesterday and provided some sunshine has now moved to the east, allowing for another system to come in. However, not much is expected to happen over the next couple of days.

We will start off with a temperature of 37 degrees above freezing, so there are no concerns of rain changing to a wintry mix or flurries. The winds are slightly breezy, coming from the south-southeast at about 5 to 15 miles per hour, and they will increase throughout the Sunday afternoon. Temperatures will be a bit warmer, reaching near 50 to low to mid-50s for most of the area.

The sunshine should reappear quickly, and we may even have blue skies for parts of the day, making it a pretty nice overall. The sunset tonight will occur closer to the 5 o’clock mark at 5:22 PM.

Looking at our future cast, it will be a quiet day with the cloud cover dissipating after noon, mainly in areas near and south of Grand Rapids soaking in the most sunshine. Clear skies overnight will bring slightly breezy conditions, with winds coming from the west-northwest on Monday.

We will have mostly blue skies and hardly any cloud cover at the beginning of the week, but it will be a bit breezy and warmer. The winds will eventually come from the south, sustained at about 10 to 20 miles per hour and increasing overnight into Monday and Tuesday. Throughout the week, we will experience a sharp warm-up, with temperatures near the low 50s to start. It will then reach the upper 50s to near 60 degrees.

By the end of the week, there will be a slight cool down to 50 degrees on Saturday and 48 degrees on Sunday, which is still near normal for this time of year. Last year at this time, we had significantly different weather conditions, with 27.3 inches of snow in Grand Rapids, average high temperatures near freezing, and average low temperatures in the 20s. This week, however, our forecast shows a much quieter and drier period.

Aside from a few showers this morning, we can expect dry weather until Friday when a cold front will pass through, cooling temperatures and bringing a good chance of scattered showers. For today, we will start with cloudy skies and reach a high of 52 degrees this afternoon. We will then have mostly sunny skies that will continue through Wednesday..

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