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UGA Plans to Present Diploma to Mother During Fort Benning’s Name Change Ceremony

Fort Benning, a military base located in Columbus, Georgia, held a special ceremony yesterday to officially announce its new name as “Fort Moore.” The name change is a tribute to retired Lieutenant General Harold “Hal” Moore and his wife Julia.


General Moore, who served in the Army for over thirty years, demonstrated remarkable leadership potential from the beginning of his career at West Point, always upholding his values and exemplifying moral and courageous behavior.

The Army acknowledges the significant contributions of Julia Moore, who played a pivotal role in changing how the military cares for widows of fallen soldiers.

Her efforts have brought about positive transformations in the support and assistance provided to these grieving families.

The renaming of Fort Benning to Fort Moore represents a meaningful recognition of the legacy and dedication displayed by Lt.

General Moore and his wife Julia.

This change signifies the base’s commitment to honoring the sacrifices and achievements of military personnel and their families.

As part of the ceremony today, the University of Georgia (UGA) plans to present Julia Moore with her diploma, symbolizing her accomplishments and contributions to the military community.

The event will serve as a testament to her unwavering commitment and tireless efforts in advocating for the welfare of soldiers’ families.

Fort Moore, formerly known as Fort Benning, holds a significant place among military bases in the United States.

The base has been a crucial hub for training and preparing soldiers for their service to the nation.

With the new name, Fort Moore will continue its mission of fostering leadership, honor, and dedication among military personnel, ensuring the preservation of the values upheld by Lt.

General Moore and his wife.

The renaming of Fort Benning to Fort Moore is a historic moment for both the military community and the state of Georgia.

It serves as a reminder of the profound impact that individuals like Lt.

General Moore and Julia Moore have made, leaving a lasting legacy that will continue to inspire future generations of servicemen and women.

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