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Attorneys and the Family: Georgia Election Officials in the National Spotlight Again The Georgia Secretary of State has issued an alert to all counties regarding a fentanyl-laced envelope that was sent to a Fulton County elections worker. This act is being called domestic terrorism by Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who assures that state and postal officials will diligently investigate the incident. Our correspondent, Proctor, reports from the new Fulton County Registration and Elections Building in Fairburn, where the fentanyl-laced letter is expected to arrive. Raffensperger emphasizes that election security is their top priority and expresses hope that the letter will be intercepted before it reaches the facility.

Election workers statewide are on edge after learning about the drug-laced letter, and efforts have been made to locate and neutralize it. Raffensperger’s office has informed election officials in all 159 counties and equipped Fulton officials with Narcan to counteract any potential effects of the drug. The letter in transit is likely linked to similar incidents in Washington State.

Raffensperger condemns this behavior as domestic terrorism and urges anyone holding or aspiring to hold elected office to denounce it as well. He considers it a federal crime, and the FBI is leading the investigation.

Further updates on the situation are expected later in.

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