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Some Georgia lawmakers are demanding a special legislative session to address gun laws following two recent mass shootings in the state.

The first shooting took place in Midtown Atlanta, where a 24-year-old individual opened fire at a medical office, killing a CDC employee and injuring several others.

The next day, another man in his mid-twenties killed three women in Moultrie, Georgia.

The lawmakers argue that these incidents highlight the inadequacy of Georgia’s firearm-related laws in protecting citizens.

They specifically point to the need for a red flag law, which would allow the removal of firearms from individuals experiencing mental health crises with a court order.

The lawmakers have sent a letter outlining their demands to Governor Brian Kemp, who has the power to call a special session.

However, there has been no response from the governor’s office at this time.

It is worth noting that Georgia recently passed a measure allowing individuals to carry handguns without a permit, a decision that faced criticism from opponents who believe it prioritizes re-election bids over public safety.

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