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Georgia High School Faces Second Day of Threats

North Cobb High School in Cobb County experienced a second consecutive day of threats, prompting heightened security measures and the cancellation of after-school activities.

Concerned parents and students were on edge as law enforcement investigated the threats.

The school operated under a “code yellow” status throughout the day.

The atmosphere at North Cobb High School remained tense as police officers patrolled the premises.

While some parents expressed doubts about the credibility of the threats, they couldn’t help but worry about the potential consequences if they turned out to be real.

One parent, Johnson, expressed her concern for her son’s safety and urged authorities to get to the bottom of the situation.

In response to the threats, the school’s principal sent an email to parents early Wednesday morning, notifying them of an overnight threat indicating that the school would be shot up on May 10th at 2:30 PM.

Further investigation revealed that the threat originated from an image created and shared on social media by a North Cobb student.

The circulation of this image, which featured armed individuals and a message suggesting an act of violence, caused additional distress among the school community.

Later in the day, the school implemented a code yellow status, adding to the already heightened security measures.

This action was taken in response to an “air dropped” image, described by many as a “kill list,” that appeared in one of the classrooms.

The school district released a statement indicating that two students had been taken into custody and would face appropriate consequences according to district policy and state and federal law.

The impact of these threats was palpable, with many students leaving school early and teachers struggling to maintain a productive learning environment.

Noah Kennedy, a student at the school, expressed the anxiety and disruption caused by the situation, highlighting the difficulties faced by both students and teachers.

As the community grapples with these incidents, parents are left concerned about the safety of their children.

Some are considering keeping their children at home until the situation stabilizes.

The principal’s email emphasized the importance of open communication between parents and their children, stressing that repeated distractions cannot continue to disrupt the learning environment.

North Cobb High School remained under a code yellow status on the second day of threats, signaling the ongoing need for heightened vigilance.

The local authorities and school administration are working diligently to address the situation and restore a sense of security for students and parents alike.

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