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Georgia Election Chief Refutes Trump’s Claims of Fraud in 2020 Election

In an interview with 11Alive’s Brittany Kleinpeter, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger addressed the ongoing claims made by former President Donald Trump regarding fraud in the 2020 Georgia election.

Raffensperger emphasized that every point raised by Trump has been thoroughly disproven.

When asked about Trump’s denial of having called Raffensperger to ask for votes, despite the existence of a recorded phone call, Raffensperger expressed his position.

He stated that they have debunked every allegation made by Trump.

For instance, Trump claimed there were 5,000 deceased individuals who voted, but after litigation, the actual number was found to be four.

Trump had paid for a report by the Berkeley Research Report, which estimated there could be 25 to 50 deceased individuals, far from the thousands alleged.

Similarly, Trump asserted that there were 66,000 underage voters, yet Raffensperger clarified that there were zero such voters.

In fact, every allegation raised during the election proved to be false.

Raffensperger lamented that these baseless claims had caused divisions in society, tearing at the fabric of social cohesion.

Raffensperger further emphasized the importance of integrity in elections, noting that it matters and works.

He cited the example of Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams, who won with 65% of the vote after pushing back against fraud claims and debunking myths.

Raffensperger appreciated Adams’ courage and stated that a group of individuals, including himself, is actively standing against falsehoods because they understand the significance of integrity.

Raffensperger concluded by highlighting that most Americans possess integrity and seek leaders who reflect their values.

The pursuit of integrity, he believes, will ultimately prevail and reinforce the democratic process.

While the specific title of the news article is not provided, a suitable title could be “Georgia Election Chief Disproves Trump’s Fraud Claims in 2020 Election.”

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