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Georgetown University Women’s Soccer Team had a unique opportunity to witness the speed and intensity of Serie A as Atalanta’s guests during their match against Udinese in Round 25.

This was part of their tour of Italy, where they played a series of matches.

David Nolan, the Irish coach of the American team, has a good understanding of Italian football and its culture.

He mentioned the great Italian players such as Baggio, De Rossi, and Toto Schillaci.

The Italian league is well-known worldwide, with many rich teams such as Juventus, Inter, Milan, and Roma, but young and exciting teams like Atalanta are emerging.

There is a growing market in the United States to watch Serie A.

Georgetown University was personally welcomed by Atalanta’s general manager, Umberto Marino, who enjoyed the movement up close.

It was a thrilling experience for the American team to be on the sidelines, and they are now looking forward to playing against Como, Sampdoria, and Fiorentina, before ending their tour in Rome.

This match was a great opportunity for the American women to see something they don’t often see in the US, and they are excited to experience the game with a big audience and great atmosphere.

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