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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

The Israeli military gave a four-hour evacuation window for civilians still trapped in Gaza City on Tuesday, as their forces are preparing to attack. This is part of their mission to eliminate the Hamas Islamists who previously attacked Israeli towns.

As a result, residents of Gaza were seen fleeing south on foot. Nasim Dada, one of the evacuees, expressed uncertainty about their destination but mentioned following the instructions given to them. Dada mentioned that they are walking without knowledge of where they will go for schooling or sleeping arrangements, whether on the streets or at people’s places, only leaving it up to God. The Israeli military shared a video on social media showing Palestinians moving south with white flags, which they claimed were forced upon them by Hamas to humiliate them. The Gaza Interior Ministry reported that approximately 900,000 Palestinians, including those from Gaza City, are still seeking shelter in northern Gaza.

Some of these individuals have sought refuge in Al Shifa Hospital, where tents have been set up as makeshift shelters. The hospital’s hallways, staircases, and rooftops are filled with mattresses. On Monday, a building within the hospital complex was reportedly struck by an airstrike, although Israel denies the accusation. Fatah Shabir, a resident of Al Shifa Hospital, expressed the devastating impact of the rocket attack on the facility, resulting in the death of innocent people, children, and the displaced poor. He highlighted the overall displacement of the entire Gaza population due to the ongoing attacks.

Shabir mentioned that there is no safety in Al Shifa, refugee camps, homes, or even on the streets. However, the people remain resilient until their last day and rely on prayer. The United Nations human rights commissioner, Turk, expressed deep concern about the situation in Gaza and emphasized the urgent need for a solution to end the violence and address the catastrophic humanitarian and human rights crisis.

The UN humanitarian office warned that services in Gaza are on the verge of collapse without fuel supplies. Doctors Without Borders, based in Paris, called for a ceasefire, stating that the situation is dire for civilians. Both Israel and Hamas have rejected appeals to cease hostilities. Israel insists on the release of hostages before any actions are taken, while Hamas refuses to free hostages or halt their fighting as long as Gaza is under attack..

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