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Residents in Soacha and Sibaté left without natural gas due to pipeline damage

A significant portion of the municipalities of Soacha and Sibaté are without gas service.

The suspension of the service was necessary after workers from the Consorcio Vial de Soacha broke a four-inch steel pipeline during construction work for the third phase of TransMilenio.

At present, the suspension of the natural gas service affects many residents in these areas of Cundinamarca.

In response to the incident, the gas company has issued three important recommendations to its customers.

These include turning off all gas appliances, closing the shut-off valves of gas appliances (which are usually yellow), and, if possible, closing the main gas valve.

The gas company has warned that the suspension of natural gas in Soacha could last for more than 24 hours.

Customers are advised to stay informed about updates on the situation and follow the company’s instructions to ensure their safety.

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