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Former England striker Gary Lineker removed from hosting Match of the Day due to political controversy

Gary Lineker, former England striker, will not be hosting the popular football show Match of the Day on Saturday evening, as announced by the BBC.

The decision comes as a result of Lineker’s involvement in a political controversy surrounding his use of social media to criticize the UK government’s new asylum policy, which has been deemed a breach of the BBC’s guidelines.

The organization has clarified that it has never stated that Lineker should avoid expressing his opinions, but has asked him to refrain from taking sides on party political issues or political controversies.

The BBC has stated that Lineker will not return to his presenting duties until an agreement is reached on his social media use.

The decision has sparked solidarity from other former footballers and pundits, with Ian Wright and Alan Shearer both announcing that they will not appear on the show on Saturday.

Former Arsenal striker Ian Wright stated that he would not be on the Premier League highlight show either, out of choice in his case.

Alan Shearer, another former England striker and a staple figure of the show, followed suit by informing the BBC that he won’t be appearing on Match of the Day on Saturday night.

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