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Police release chilling surveillance footage of Tennessee school shooting that claimed six lives, including three children. Senate Staffer Stabbed in Vicious Random Attack in DC Neighborhood

A violent explosion was reported near the Bruto Omifa zone in Bakhmut, where intense fighting has been taking place between Ukrainian and Russian troops.

The Ukrainian army’s clever moves have put the elite Russian and Wagner troops in a difficult position.

The Ukrainian army has dealt a significant blow to the Russian army in this region in recent days.

Following this news, the Ukrainian army reported that they are testing their new highly destructive weapons, targeting Russian positions.

The use of such weapons by the Ukrainian army is known to increase internal turmoil in the Russian army.

Officials from the Ukrainian army confirmed that Ukraine has started using Gideon bombs in Russian positions.

The JDAM bomb is a precision-guided munition that can hit targets up to a distance of 40 kilometers.

Using such effective munitions by Ukraine is bad news for Russia.

The powerful munition destroyed half of the Zolomphilia region.

This type of bomb can completely clear an area with just a few shots.

If Ukraine can move its equipment to high points and take control of the area, they can carry out unprecedented attacks against Wagner and Russian troops from these points.

If this happens, the elite Russian and Wagner troops in the region may face a very dire scenario.

Ukraine’s ability to launch new phone attacks and make strategic gains from these areas has put the Russian army in a difficult position.

If Russian and Wagner troops continue to be crushed in this region, what do you think about the use of high-destructive munitions by Ukraine and its smart strategies? Do you think it is wise for Russian and Wagner troops to easily sacrifice elite soldiers in and around the area? Stay tuned for more fast and reliable news around the world.

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