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Funeral Arrangements Made for Missing US Navy Sailor Found Dead

Jupiter, FL – Funeral arrangements have been made for Sheamus Gray, a 21-year-old US Navy sailor from Jupiter, who was found dead last month.

Gray’s remains were discovered in the waters of a harbor near Lake Michigan in April.

The preliminary report from the coroner has confirmed that the cause of death was drowning.

A wake will be held today in Jupiter, with the funeral scheduled for tomorrow at Saint Peter’s Catholic Church at 10 a.m.

Family, friends, and fellow servicemen are expected to pay their final respects to Gray and honor his service in the Navy.

West Palm Beach Couple Accepts Plea Deal in New York Baby Burning Case

A West Palm Beach couple, Jamie Avery Jr.

and Lizbeth Collado, charged with attempting to set a baby on fire in New York, has accepted a plea deal.

The incident, which occurred last May, shocked the nation when deputies found a one-year-old covered in flammable liquid, as the couple attempted to light the child on fire.

Another toddler was also discovered with head injuries.

The judge sentenced Avery Jr.

and Collado to nine years in prison, followed by five years of probation.

Both children managed to survive the horrifying ordeal, but the emotional and physical scars will undoubtedly remain.

Governor Signs Bill Barring COVID Testing and Mask Requirements

The governor has signed a bill that prohibits businesses and government agencies from mandating COVID tests or mask-wearing for entry into their facilities.

The legislation addresses various issues surrounding the pandemic response.

Similar measures were previously passed during a 2021 special session, but certain provisions of that law are set to expire on June 1st.

The new bill will take effect on the same day, ensuring that individuals have more freedom regarding their health choices.

However, critics argue that such measures could potentially compromise public health and safety.

Weather Forecast: Sunny and Warm

As we look at the weather forecast, expect another day of sunshine and warm temperatures.

The daytime high will reach the mid to upper 80s, continuing the pattern experienced throughout the week.

Dry conditions will prevail, with winds picking up slightly from the east.

Stay prepared for the heat and enjoy the pleasant weather while it lasts.

Remember to stay hydrated and take necessary precautions to protect yourself from the sun’s rays.

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