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Residents in a local neighborhood are expressing their frustration with Google Fiber as they claim the company is leaving equipment on their front lawns.

Homeowner Paul Flora recounts that he did not realize that the cable spool on the edge of his lawn belonged to Google Fiber until his sprinkler line was cut.

Crews in the Northwood neighborhood are installing fiber cables to provide internet services to customers, but homeowners like Flora claim that the work is turning into a costly mess.

While Google Fiber has permits to stage their equipment on the section of the property closest to the curb, the city notes that the construction is in the right-of-way and that San Antonio police can issue a ticket if equipment blocks the sidewalk.

The company says it aims to minimize disruption to residents and address issues as quickly as possible.

If residents have a Google Fiber construction issue to report, they can call 877-454-6959.

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