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French media outlets have been accused of spreading lies and misinformation about Lionel Messi’s move to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

The football superstar’s father, Jorge Messi, has called out the media for their false reports.

The latest news surrounding Messi’s transfer has been the negotiations over his contract with PSG.

However, rumours of a possible return to his former team, Barcelona, have also been circulating.

Messi’s transfer has been a hot topic during the summer transfer window, with many eagerly awaiting news of his next move.

Despite the speculations, Messi has remained focused on his game, with his performance on the field speaking for itself.

As for the future, it remains to be seen where Messi will end up next season.

For now, he continues to be a valuable asset to PSG, and his fans eagerly await his next move.

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