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, we have clear conditions in Kalispell. However, this may change tomorrow morning as our meteorologist, Mitchell, is keeping an eye on the potential for freezing fog and how it might affect your morning commute.

Mitchell mentioned that the chance of freezing fog is present, especially in Northwest and Southwest Montana throughout the night. Although this specific model doesn’t show it, it wouldn’t surprise him if fog developed in the Missoula and Bitterroot Valleys. For now, though, there is no fog visible, but the temperatures are already at or below freezing in most areas.

With mostly clear skies, fog is likely to form tonight, resulting in reduced visibility and the formation of frost and ice on the roads and sidewalks due to the freezing temperatures. Therefore, it is advisable to give yourself extra time for your morning commute and drive cautiously.

After the fog clears, the weather is expected to be pleasant. In about 8 minutes, Laurel will provide more details on what we can expect..

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