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Fred Cunningham, a notable figure, recently made a visit to an elementary school in Upstate.

The purpose of his visit was to spend time with the Rise and Shine Club, a group of fifteen students from Oakland Elementary School in Spartanburg District 2, who bring daily news updates to their school.

The students enthusiastically perform tasks such as leading the Pledge of Allegiance and making school-wide announcements, including those related to fire drills.

During his time with the news group, Fred Cunningham found their activities highly entertaining.

He expressed his enjoyment in watching the students carry out their news-related responsibilities.

When asked about their aspirations for the future, some of the second, fourth, and fifth-grade students revealed their interest in pursuing a career in TV news.

When questioned about their desired roles in the industry, many students expressed a desire to become TV anchors.

They were particularly interested in working at a weather station.

While no specific station was mentioned, it was clear that the students were drawn to the field of meteorology.

Overall, Fred Cunningham’s visit to the Upstate elementary school was a positive and engaging experience for both the students and himself.

The Rise and Shine Club at Oakland Elementary School continues to foster the enthusiasm and interest of young students in the realm of TV news, potentially inspiring future careers in the field.

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