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France Protests as Macron’s Pension Bill Raises Retirement Age

Protests have erupted in France after President Emmanuel Macron’s government pushed through a controversial pension reform bill without a vote, raising the retirement age from 62 to 64.

The move, which was made possible through a special constitutional power called Article 49 3, has been criticized by opponents as undemocratic and has led to calls for a no-confidence vote against Macron’s government.

Despite the protests, Macron has defended the reform, saying that it is necessary to keep the pension system from falling into a deficit.

However, the demonstrations have continued, with major union protests being called in central Paris.

Last night, protesters set fire to piles of garbage, leading to a cat and mouse game with firefighters.

While the threat of a no-confidence vote has been raised, it is unlikely to succeed as the conservative Republicans have already said they will not vote for it.

The protests are a mark against Macron, who is being seen as undemocratic and out of touch with the people.

The situation is likely to remain tense as unions step up their strikes and protests in the coming days.

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