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Republican lawmakers are currently introducing separate resolutions to censure Michigan congresswoman Rashida Tlaib for her controversial comments on Israel. This issue has not only caused outrage within the GOP, but it is also widening the divide within the Democratic party as the Israel-Hamas conflict continues.

Chad Pergram, our senior Congressional correspondent, is live on Capitol Hill to provide more insight on the matter. Good morning, Chad and Dana. The ongoing war in the Middle East is causing fractures within the Democratic party. There is significant outrage over Tlaib’s inflammatory comments, particularly her use of the “From the River to the Sea” trope, which Israelis interpret as a call for their destruction.

Today, the House may vote on two resolutions to sanction Tlaib. While some argue that there are not always two sides to a debate, as Tlaib’s comments imply the destruction of Israel, others believe that she has the right to express her opinions under the First Amendment.

Pro-Israeli Democrats are engaged in a struggle with progressive colleagues who support the Palestinians. Liberal Democrat John Fetterman’s aides, for example, are divided over his decision to side with Israel. However, Indiana Democrat Andre Carson, who is also a Muslim representative, believes that Tlaib should have the opportunity to be heard and that criticism should be accompanied by an attempt to understand her perspective. Last week, Marjorie Taylor Greene attempted to censure Tlaib for her support of an anti-Israeli rally on Capitol Hill.

Today, there are two resolutions to censure Tlaib: one from Greene and a new one from Rich McCormack, who took a more cautious approach to protect free speech rights. Meanwhile, California Democrat Sarah Jacobs introduced a resolution to censure Florida Republican Brian Mast for comparing Palestinian civilians to Nazis. Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page for the latest interviews and analysis..

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