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Fox News Faces Legal Trouble over Dominion Lawsuit

Fox News is currently facing a 1.6 billion-dollar lawsuit from Dominion, and it seems that things are not looking good for the network.

Recently, Fox News host texts were revealed, which could potentially lead to the downfall of the network.

Farron Cousins, a political commentator, believes that Dominion will win the lawsuit as Fox News host reputations have been tarnished.

The question now is, what will happen to Fox News? Will the network be brought to justice, lose massive viewership, or get away with it, as they always seem to do?

According to Cousins, Fox News will most likely be fine, despite the revelations of the text messages and Rupert Murdoch’s involvement.

They may pay some fines, court costs, and even a judgment in both the Dominion and Smart Matic lawsuits, but it will not be enough to bring down the network.

The hosts’ hypocrisy has been on full display, but their viewers remain oblivious due to Fox News’s ban on discussing ongoing litigation.

The right-wing media is also not discussing the latest developments, and as long as Fox News’s audience remains in the dark or refuses to believe reality, nothing bad will happen to the network.

Cousins acknowledges that Fox News may have a harder time attracting advertisers, but they will still continue spreading their propaganda.

They may be more careful in the future about spreading lies, but Cousins cannot say for certain if that will happen.

The worst part is that the public will probably forget about this in about six months, allowing Fox News to continue as they were before.

In conclusion, Fox News is facing legal trouble over the Dominion lawsuit, but it seems that the network will not face any significant consequences for their actions.

Despite the revelations and ongoing litigation, their viewers remain in the dark, allowing Fox News to continue spreading their propaganda.

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