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FBI Offers $20,000 Reward for Safe Return of U.S. Citizen Kidnapped in Mexico Fox News Host Dana Perino Finds Newark’s Duping by Fake Country Bizarre

Fox News hosts Jesse Watters and Dana Perino recently discussed the city of Newark being “duped” by a fake country called the Hindu Island of Kailasa on Watters’ show, “Jesse Watters Primetime.” Perino found the story to be bizarre and expressed her healthy dose of paranoia and skepticism when it comes to requests from others.

She questioned the vetting process in government and wondered what Newark thought they would get out of the signing ceremony.

The hosts also discussed the con artist behind the fake country and his ability to set up his own nation to avoid prosecution.

Perino and Watters also speculated on why people are falling for such scams, citing a desire to be friendly and inclusive with other nations.

The hosts expressed their desire to have the con artist, John, on their show and joked about his appearance during the interview.

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