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Title: Damning Texts Expose Fox News Anchors’ Plot to Mislead Trump loyalists

In a recent report from The Daily Beast, more damning texts have been revealed, shedding light on the coordination between Fox News anchors Tucker Carlson and Brett Baier in misleading election calls.

The texts place a new Fox host at the center of the network’s ongoing “big lie” scandal.

While The Daily Beast has not independently obtained or confirmed the texts, they reportedly tell a revealing story.

On November 5th, Carlson secretly texts Baier, expressing concern over potentially losing their audience.

Baier responds by stating that they have been pushing for answers and have been pressuring to slow down the process, particularly in Nevada, where the votes are expected to be delayed until the following day.

The content of the texts raises questions about Baier’s role as a straight news reporter and whether his actions align with someone who impartially reports on election results, akin to an Associated Press journalist.

Instead, the texts suggest that Baier is panicking and willing to slow down the reporting process if it means catering to the preferences of the audience.

Furthermore, there is a fear that if Trump loses, he will blame Fox News, which could have serious repercussions for Baier’s career.

Baier goes on to emphasize the need to do whatever they can to maintain high viewership numbers and keep their audience satisfied.

This revelation contradicts the notion of being fair, balanced, and unafraid, which Fox News has long touted as its guiding principles.

The exchange between Carlson and Baier stands in stark contrast to a separate clip where Carlson acknowledges that President Trump prefers opinion shows over news shows at Fox News.

In response to these revelations, Fox News defended its decision desk’s call on Arizona, which went against Trump despite intense scrutiny.

They argued that given the narrow margin, postmortem discussions on how the call was executed were hardly surprising.

Fox News cited a statement from Baier in September 2022, where he fully supported the decision desk’s call and vowed to defend it on air.

These texts not only expose a tension within Fox News but also raise concerns about the network’s commitment to delivering real-time, fearless facts, regardless of the response it may evoke.

The revelations further fuel the ongoing controversy surrounding Fox News and its role in promoting the unfounded claims of election fraud.

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