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Four people were injured in a series of shootings that occurred overnight in Oakland.

The Oakland Police Department is currently investigating the incidents, which took place within a one-hour timeframe early Saturday morning.

According to police reports, the shootings happened at four different locations across Oakland.

One of the victims, who was shot during a botched carjacking, has been released from the hospital and is said to be recovering.

A concerned neighbor expressed hopes for the victim’s well-being, emphasizing the need for safety in the community.

Video footage from the Citizen APP captured the presence of first responders and police at the scene of one of the shootings on Eighth Avenue.

The victim, who was shot, immediately sought help by calling 911.

Residents expressed surprise and concern over the incidents, highlighting the need for increased security and protection.

The Oakland Police Department is investigating all four shootings, which occurred at separate locations.

The first two incidents happened simultaneously at 2 a.m., with one in the 1400 block of 34th Avenue and the other in the 7600 block of Holly Street.

The third shooting occurred in the 1600 block of 85th Avenue.

All three victims were transported to nearby hospitals for medical treatment.

Community members and local organizations are voicing their frustration with the ongoing gun violence in Oakland.

Antoine Towers, a representative from the youth organization Youth Alive, called for individuals contemplating violence to reconsider their actions.

He expressed the collective desire for a weekend free from shootings and emphasized the shared pain and desire to avoid trauma.

Meanwhile, neighbors near the scene of the fourth shooting, located near Eighth Avenue, expressed their intentions to support and assist the victim in recovering from the traumatic experience.

They pledged to check on the victim and provide any necessary help.

The Oakland Police Department has stated that these four shootings are not connected and are conducting further investigations.

Anyone with information about these incidents is urged to contact the Oakland police.

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